Who Gets the Pie?

We needed to raise an additional $500 to bail out our Pastor from a pie in the face because he bet on Michigan in the Peach Bowl and lost (Scroll to the bottom to learn more). However, many wanted to stick it to our Business Manager Jon instead. That required us to raise at least $800. Who gets the pie?

The Peach Bowl Challenge UPDATE

Thanks to all who voted during the Peach Bowl Challenge and for supporting Loving Arms Preschool!
Because Michigan lost, Pastor Joe is scheduled to receive a pie in the face on January 27th! (Well, maybe, see below)
The voting results were fantastic!
BUT we have a problem
Some comments heard from our congregation:
“Are you really going to throw a pie into Pastor Joe’s Face?”
“It really isn’t proper to throw a pie into Pastors face….”
“When does Jon get a pie in the face?”
-Pastor Joe
“You better not throw a pie in my Pastors face!”
-Loving Arms Preschool Students
The Solution
Bailout Pastor from a pie in the face!
If we raise $500 between now and January 26, Pastor Joe will be bailed out from a pie in the face. This should be especially appealing to Michigan fans.
If we raise $800 between now and January 26, Business Manager Jon will get a pie in the face instead! This should be super-duper-extra-appealing to Michigan fans.
Note to Michigan fans: No matter what happens during the bailout, Florida still won 🙁


The Peach Bowl Challenge

(The beginning of this whole mess)
Click for video
There is a small (not small!) debate around the church regarding college athletics. If you have an opinion please cast your vote! Votes are $2 and proceeds benefit the kids at our Loving Arms Preschool. Loser of the Football game December 29, 2018 receives a pie in the face during our voters meeting on January 27, 2019! Unlike Chicago, you are allowed to vote early and often. Make sure to note your favorite team in the memo line of your check, or use the “Special Instructions” field when casting your vote online.